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Il Venditore Di Medicine

(The Medicine Seller)


November 28, 2017

Showtime: 7:00 PM


Claudio Santamaria (Romanzo Criminale) stars in Antonio Morabito’s gripping new drama about a drug salesman for an ultracompetitive pharmaceutical giant, who influences doctors and pharmacists to push their brands by offering expensive gifts in a world where profit reigns above human decency.

40-year-old sales rep, Bruno (Santamaria), suffers unbearable pressure at the hands of his tyrannical boss (the brilliant Isabella Ferrari, The Great Beauty), which is proven when his broken and stressed coworker commits suicide. However, Bruno presses on, continuing to shamelessly bribe clients into sales. As things at work grow increasingly cutthroat, Bruno experiences another sort of tension at home when his wife, Anna (Evita Ciri), stops taking her birth control pills against his wishes.

Directed by Antonio Morabito
Writtten by Antonio Morabito, Amedeo Pagani and Michele Pellegrini


  • Claudio Santamaria as Bruno Donati
  •  Isabella Ferrari as Giorgia, capo Area
  • Evita Ciri as Anna Donati
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