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Showtime: 7:00 PM


Daisy and Violet are twin sisters on the verge of turning 18. They are blessed with beautiful voices and are sought after to sing at weddings, communions and baptisms. Their real draw is another trait which cloaks them in fascinating charm: they are siamese twins. They support their family with their singing like a well oiled company/entertainment machine.

This idyllic situation ends when a notable English doctor sees them at a first communion in Casertavecchia. He sentences them to the possibility of a normal life when he states, “I can separate you.”.

Directed by Edoardo De Angelis
Writtten by Nicola Guaglianone, Barbara Petronio, & Edoardo De Angelis


  • Angela Fontana as Viola
  • Marianna Fontana as Daisy
  • Antonia Truppo as Titti
  • Toni Laudadio as Nunzio
  • Peppe Servillo as Alfonso Fasano
  • Gaetano Bruno as Marco Ferreri
  • Massimiliano Rossi as Peppe
  • Marco Mario de Notaris as Nando
  • Gianfranco Gallo as Don Salvatore


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