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Io C'è

(Just Believe)

February 21, 2018

Showtime: 7:00 PM


Massimo is a classic Italian “rascal,” the owner of a B&B in the center of Rome, whose business is limited by tax constraints. He enviously watches as a convent run by nuns on the other side of the road welcomes in tourists, who leave spontaneous and lavish gifts at the end of their stay. All completely tax-free.

Massimo realizes that if he wants to avoid paying tax, he’ll have to create a “place of worship.” After trying to get into the more or less restricted circles of Catholicism, Judaism, and Islam with a series of rather hilarious meetings, Massimo has a sort of “epiphany” and decides to create a new religion. Assisted by his accountant sister Adriana and the boyfriend of his ex-wife Marco, a sort of guru-writer with no actual readers, the protagonist comes up with “Ionism,” a religion that places the individual at the center of the universe. “You will have no God but yourself.”

Directed by Alessandro Aronadio
Written by Alessandro Aronadio, Valerio Cilio, Edoardo Leo, Renato Sannio


  • Edoardo Leo as Massimo Alberti
    Margherita Buy as Adriana Alberti
    Giuseppe Battiston as Marco Cilio
    Giulia Michelini as Teresa
    Massimiliano Bruno as Teodoro … View more

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