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Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot

(They Call Me Jeeg)

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Enzo, a lonely and misanthropic small time crook, uses the superpowers gained after falling in the Tiber river to chase down a crazy gangster called “The gypsy”.

Directed by Gabriele Mainetti
Written by Nicola Guaglianonei and Menotti


  • Claudio Santamaria as Enzo Ceccotti
  • Luca Marinelli as Zingaro
  • Ilenia Pastorelli as Alessia
  • Stefano Ambrogi as Sergio
  • Murizio Tesei as Biondo
  • Francesco Formichetti as Sperma
  • Danielle Trombetti as Tazzina
  • Joel Sy as Claudietto

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