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La Ragazza Nella Nebbia

(The Girl in the Fog)

July 18, 2019

Showtime: 7:00 PM

@ The Little


A small mountain village, Avechot. A night of fog, a strange accident. The man at the wheel was traveling alone. It is unharmed. So why are your clothes soiled with blood? The man’s name is Vogel and until recently he was a famous policeman. And it should not be there. A mild and patient psychiatrist tries to make him tell what happened, but he knows he does not have much time. We must start a few months ago. When, two days before Christmas, a girl of sixteen disappeared in those mountains: Anna Lou had red hair and freckles. But the nothing that has swallowed her forever hides a mystery greater than her. A tangle of secrets that comes from the past, because in Avechot nothing is what it seems and nobody tells the whole truth. This is not a disappearance like the others, in this story every deception hides another more perverse one. And perhaps Vogel has finally found the solution of the evil design: he knows the name of the shadow that is hidden inside the fog, because “the most foolish sin of the devil is vanity” … But perhaps it is too late for Anna Lou. And for him too.

Directed by Donato Carrisi
Written by Donato Carrisi
Based on his novel

  • Toni Servillo … Agente Vogel
  • Alessio Boni … Prof. Loris Martini
  • Lorenzo Richelmy … Agente Borghi
  • Galatea Ranzi … Stella Honer
  • Michela Cescon … Agente Mayer… View more

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