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Noi e la Giulia

(The Legendary Giulia and Other Miracles)

September 26, 2017

Showtime: 7:00 PM

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An unexpected journey of two crossed destinies unraveling in a lost snowscape…

Diego, Fausto  and Claudio are three unfulfilled 40-year-old men, fleeing from the city and their own lives, and who, as perfect strangers, find themselves united in the joint effort of opening a Farm Stay. Joined by Sergio, a 50-year old, far gone fanatic, and Elisa (, a young pregnant woman who is decidedly off her head.

Putting a wrench in their dream is Vito, a curious Camorrista who’s come to ask for protection money, driving up in an old Giulia 1300. This threat will force them to rebel against the abuse in a daring way, and they will, bringing about a sudden, inconclusive, tragic-comic adventure of desperate resistance…

Directed by Edoardo Leo
Written by Edoardo Leo and Marco Bonini


  • Luca Argentero as Diego
  • Edoardo Leo as Fausto
  • Anna Foglietta as Elisa
  • Claudio Amendola as Sergio
  • Stefano Fresi as Claudio
  • Carlo Buccirosso as Vito


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