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Click on the film and when the payment window opens, put in your ticket password at the bottom.

That’s the great part, any internet enabled smart device with a web browser! The system will adjust to the device in both size and encoding format.  It is recommended you use a device with a keyboard to start so it is easier to input you payment information.  You can then use a web enabled TV to watch or cast/mirror to an enable TV.

We love when family and friends have watch parties! The tickets are only good for one device and when a second device logs in it will log off the others so the best way to share is with a big screen.

There are no problems switching devices mid-stream, simply use your personal ticket code that was emailed to you when you purchased the ticket. Start on your smart TV and switch to your phone on the go! Just remember the ticket is only for one person and one device.  If you do switch devices you may asked for a 2FA Code, which will be emailed to you when you log in with the different device.

All tickets are valid for the duration of the stream for the purchaser only. Once a ticket is purchased and used it cannot be refunded. An unused ticket can be refunded up to the day prior of stream, but not the day of or after.

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