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Italian Film Series

Bringing Contemporary Italian Film to Rochester

Rochester’s first Italian Film Series—showcasing films in Italian language with English subtitles and promoting Italian culture and heritage. With captivating films and special events planned at The Little Theatre and The Cinema Theater in Rochester, the Italian Film Series is a welcome addition to the many events in our area. The streaming option is being added for 2021 allowing viewers from outside the Rochester NY area to be able to access the movies.

Showing Now


Carlo (Fabio de Luigi, star of the blockbuster Metti La Nonna in Freezer – Let’s Put Grandma in the Freezer) and Giulia (VALENTINA LODOVINI) have three children: he is a distracted father absorbed by his work; she is a mother who has dedicated herself to the family giving up her career.The children are Camilla, a rebellious, 13 year old teenager in full hormonal development and emotional, Titus 1O years old, who is crafty and always ready to make “harmless” jokes, and little Bianca, 2 years old, who doesn’t speak but uses her gestures and takes what she wants. Giulia, tired of the routine, tells the family that she is about to leave for ten days of vacation. Carlo suddenly finds himself in a living a real nightmare!

With dinners to prepare, kindergarten placement to undertake, enduring the embarrassing confidences of his oldest girl, the unbridled games with his son’s friends, quarrels, close disasters and missed work appointments, will Carlo survive these ten interminable days?

The director, Alessandro Genovesi tells us:It wasn’t supposed to look like a film, but pieces of life that, no matter how much they had been built to be comic, kept to the truth.

Your purchase allows you to access the movie anytime from April 17 – 18, 2021 up to two times and you can rewind in case those subtitles are a little too fast.

Our Sponsors

The Italian Film Series is a unique opportunity to explore contemporary stories through the eyes and insights of celebrated Italian filmmakers. The following sponsors are actively engaged in the success of the Italian Film Series. Thank you all so much for your support.

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