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Il Bene Mio

(My Own Good)

September 17, 2019

Showtime: 7:00 pm

@ The Little


Elia last remaining inhabitant of Provvidenza, a village destroyed by an earthquake. Elia refuses to go along with the rest of the community, which has resettled in Nuova Provvidenza and put the past behind them. To Elia, his town is still alive, and thanks to the help of an old friend, Gesualdo, he strains to keep its memory alive as well. When the mayor orders him to abandon Provvidenza, Elia seems to be on the point of pulling up stakes, when something holds him behind. Is it his imagination? Is it his lost wife buried in the rubble? Elia will have to make a decision from which there is no going back.

Directed By: Pippo Mezzapesa

Written By: Massimo De Angelis, Antonella Gaeta, Pippo Mezzapesa

  • Sergio Rubini as Elia
  • Sonya Mellah as Noor
  • Dino Abbrescia as Gesualdo
  • Francesco De Vito as Pasquale

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